DeHuelbes Designs was created to provide the highest quality decorative finishes and murals in the industry while maintaining the most reasonable and competitive rates available for its clients. There are two sharp distinctions which separate DeHuelbes Designs from other decorative artists; First, quality and professionalism, evident through the extensive portfolio provided for review on every consultation. Our portfolio contains hundreds of photographs of a multitude of decorative finishes on countless projects. The quality and experience that we provide is readily visible in our portfolio as well as through our references, who will attest to the high level of service as well as making projects available to view in many cases.

The second area of distinction is in the services we provide. All too often one has to hire a decorator/designer to select colors and finishes. Then you hire a contractor to prep, repair, and basecoat walls. Then you bring in the third person, the faux-finisher, to complete the project. You could easily eliminate the added expense and hassles of hiring several companies by using the services of DeHuelbes Designs. We begin by assisting you with color and design selection. Next our staff of experienced craftsman will make any necessary repairs, prep, and paint all areas of the project. Lastly, we will provide any of hundreds of available decorative finishes from custom murals to venetian plasters. Three services, one company.

DeHuelbes Designs is operated by artist/designer, Henri Menendez. With over 20 years experience in fine and decorative arts, Henri personally creates and paints all murals and commissioned artwork, and has a hand in most of the decorative finishes available. Henri is a firm believer in perfecting his craft through continued education and thus attends seminars, workshops, and conventions year round in an effort to stay on top of an ever-changing field that is decorative painting. There are new techniques and products appearing continuously. Some good and others worthless but, it is important to examine all of these to weed out the few worthwhile ideas from the rest.

DeHuelbes Designs is a member of SALI (stencil artisans league) and SDP (society of decorative painters). We accept commissions both nationally as well as internationally. Our website provides just a glimpse into the vast array of decorative finishes, murals, and artwork available through DeHuelbes Designs. Listed below are a few frequently asked questions by those seeking to hire a decorative artist.

As with all fields of home improvement you will want to get a few estimates from different companies. To find a few companies, you can turn to a variety of places; yellow pages, Internet, local paint retailer, interior designers, magazine ads, etc. Once you begin interviewing and receiving quotes, make sure to make notes as to who is who. You don't want to compare apples-to-oranges so stick to a certain criteria. The company should be insured (and be able to supply you with proof of insurance; no photocopies). The company should be able to provide you with references. A portfolio must be provided for your review (do not accept sample boards as a portfolio). Any experienced and established company will have clear, quality photos of their work. Sample boards are fine to get a better feel for a texture or design but they are no substitute for a portfolio and thus show a lack of experience on the part of the artist/company. Stay away from part-timers and novices fresh out of a do-it-yourself Home Depot course. When in doubt, make your selection based on the quality you will receive from the company/artists previous work.

This should be a red flag in your head. Anyone who is either too lazy, inexperienced, or unwilling to provide prep and base coating for their own mural or faux finish is making a terrible mistake. Murals and faux finishes can be very costly and time-consuming projects. They should be made to last. The only way to ensure that is by carefully preparing the surface. Knowing what you are painting on and that you personally prepared it allows you to guarantee your work. Too often people pay hundreds and even thousands for work to done over walls that were prepped and painted by the builder's painter or some other low bidder.

Faux finisher is a general term given to those who provide a series of wall or furniture finishes. Decorative artist on the other hand refers to an artist who specializes in the field of decorative painting. Knowing the use of multiple wall and furniture finishes but also having the ability to create and duplicate artwork and murals. One having a sense for color and design and its relationship to the area it is intended for.

Thank you, for visiting our site. We hope you enjoyed it and got to learn a little bit about us. We would hope we may learn a little bit about you by having you fill out our contact form. Thank you again.

"He who works with his hands…
… is a laborer,
He who works with his hands and mind …
… is a craftsman, …
He who uses his hands, mind, and soul,
Exerting his inner being into every creation, …
… he is an artist".
… unknown …

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